Huawei will produce TVs with Smart TV

According to the Gizmochina portal, Huawei, as well as its subsidiary brand Honor, are working on a new type of product - Smart TV. It is believed that such a device from the company Honor should be expected very soon, while Huawei still needs time to develop and test new items.

It is reported that Honor documents contain references to such new positions as Honor Smart Screen and Honor Vision, which clearly hints at the company's aspirations to develop in the field of smart television.
Huawei will produce TVs with Smart TV

Recently, the president of Huawei's Honor brand posted an image on social networks, which caused a lot of rumors and speculations. Chong Zhao Ming shared a photo from the office on Weibo, where users could see something very reminiscent of Smart TV. The device was closed by an emoticon, and the head of the company mysteriously kept silent in reply to all the questions that had arisen.

Earlier this year, Chong Zhao Ming gave an interview in which he said that Huawei has no plans to enter the “traditional television sector” market. However, he did not deny and did not confirm reports of the company's ambitions regarding Smart TV.

It is also reported that Huawei plans to release two versions of Smart TV - one under the Honor brand, and the other within the Huawei AI Window line. The company's patent for the Huawei AI Window suggests that televisions can be equipped with artificial intelligence technology.

The company is already developing a new voice assistant based on artificial intelligence, designed for the global market. It remains to be seen whether their Smart TV will have its own “mind”, or the company will choose third-party technologies, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

According to the latest news, Huawei’s Smart TVs will not be as affordable as, for example, Xiaomi’s products, but Honor’s brand will, as always, launch something budget to the market.

According to rumors, Huawei was supposed to show their TVs in the spring, but due to the unavailability of the software, it moved the announcement to a later date.

We will have to wait until July 15 to find out if all these rumors were true. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to know what the vision of Smart TV is from Huawei and Honor, and how competitive their products will be in the global market.


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