Samsung A100 future concept design mobile phone front 100% only screen

Full-screen mobile phones have been widely used. What more imaginations do mobile phones have for the future? Samsung's answer is: "A mobile phone with a front screen only." The concept phone model is A100. It has only a screen on the front, and the screen can extend to the border of the phone. At the same time, the physical buttons of the metal are replaced by virtual buttons.

Samsung A100 concept phone (picture source letsgodigital)
Samsung A100 concept phone (picture source letsgodigital)
  Samsung has always had an absolute advantage in the field of screens, more accurately in the field of curved screens. According to Samsung insiders, Samsung has been able to make a variety of curved surfaces, and this screen-only mobile phone is Samsung's attempt and exploration of the future mobile phone trend. The model starts with A, not the flagship S-series and Note series. Samsung's A-series is aimed at younger users. They are better able to accept new things. If A100 can try it successfully, it will be applied quickly. To the flagship product.

Samsung A100 concept phone (picture source letsgodigital)
Samsung A100 concept phone (picture source letsgodigital)

  The maturity of technology will take a long time. So before next year, we won't see this phone release, but it is foreseeable that some of the technologies will be seen on the Note10 series phones that will be released next month, which may bring us some surprises.

  Although Samsung has an absolute advantage in the screen, it can't sit back and relax. Its shrinking market share is a status quo that cannot be ignored. This is why Samsung hopes to change the status quo through change. The birth of Samsung A series products is a change in product strategy, while the technology exploration like A100 is to increase the barriers to strengthen its own technology through innovation.
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