Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ model machine exposure

Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+
Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+

 Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+

IT House July 23 news Well-known digital blogger Ice Universe released the Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ model machine photos, but he said that the source of the photo is not clear.

  It is reported that the new and improved S-Pen on Samsung Note 10 will have more air command functions than before, such as adjusting the position of the photo without touching the pictures in the gallery. Other new features include a brighter sound when the text is highlighted. A Samsung executive had previously said: "The S-Pan of the Galaxy Note 10, which will be launched in August, will have better performance."

Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ Specification 

Samsung will install a four-camera on the back of Note 10, similar to the S10 5G configuration, but Note 10 will have a true ToF sensor on the front instead of the S10 5G RGB depth sensor. In addition, the dedicated Bixby button will disappear on Note 10.

  The following is a photo of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ model machine:

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