Samsung Galaxy Note10 trailer announed: mobile phone variable computer use?

Samsung Galaxy Note10 trailer
Samsung Galaxy Note10 trailer

Samsung will release the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series mobile phone in New York on August 7th (Beijing time on August 8th at 4am). Today, Samsung Indonesia official Twitter released the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 trailer, the trailer shows the complex working style of the machine, you can switch between the phone and the computer. In fact, Samsung wants to express that it is better to work with a variety of devices than with Galaxy Note 10.

  It is reported that Samsung Galaxy Note series built-in DeX mode, the external screen can present the computer's work interface, support the use of a mouse, keyboard office.

Samsung Galaxy Note Series Trailer
Samsung Galaxy Note Series Trailer

  Previously, Samsung mobile phones needed an extra DeX base to connect to the external screen. On the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can plug in the USB-C to HDMI cable to externally connect the screen, which greatly simplifies the process.

  According to the existing news, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series will launch two models, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, they use Infinity-O display (digging screen), the front camera is at the top of the screen Central location.

  In terms of core configuration, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series is expected to be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, which is based on 7nm process technology and adopts a new three-cluster eight-core architecture, which is composed of 1×2.84GHz super large core +3×2.42GHz large core. +4 × 1.8GHz small core composition, GPU is Adreno 640, An Bunny runs up to 380,000.

  Since the Samsung Galaxy Note series has always been aimed at advanced users, Samsung has highlighted the powerful work capabilities of Note in the trailer, so that the additional functions provided by the mobile phone make it easier to do some practical work on the smartphone, so as to attract More high-end users.

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