The insane price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 shocked all customers

Samsung’s appetites, when it comes to smartphones, have always been very big. She likes to force buyers of her products to overpay money for a brand, and often more than half the cost. In all this, of course, there is absolutely nothing good, but millions of people around the world continue to actively acquire its phones. As long as everyone does this, the situation will not change for the better. Today, July 12, 2019, the simply insane price of the new flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was announced. Its presentation will take place in early August, and it will be held as part of a special event in New York.

It was found out that this flagship will be equipped with a 6.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED-screen, which occupies almost all the space on the front. Display Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will take more than 96% of the usable area, and it will be curved on the sides, which will help the manufacturer to enhance the effect of frameless. A separate button for launching the Bixby voice assistant in this model was decided to be abandoned, as well as the usual 3.5 mm connector that is used to connect headphones and other electronic devices. The basic model of the novelty will receive 256 GB of permanent memory, and in others it will not be available for purchase.

It is reported that such a model will cost Europeans 1,000 euros, which amounts to 73,000 rubles. The price tag in Russia will be much higher. Such a high cost is guaranteed to plunge all Samsung Galaxy Note 10 buyers, since no one expects this mobile device to be so expensive. With such a huge price tag, only some people will be able to afford the purchase of such a model, and this is guaranteed to have a negative impact on the sales of new items. However, it is still “flowers”, because they will also launch the Galaxy Note 10+ model, which will receive slightly different characteristics.

It has a 6.75-inch display, as well as a more advanced camera. In this case, the base model has 512 GB, and advanced - 1 TB. In both cases, the amount of RAM is as much as 12 GB. A source in the face of the publication WinFuture assures that such a purchase will cost at least 1,200 euros, that is, you will have to pay as much as 85,000 rubles for the most affordable model, and that’s just a huge amount of money. However, Samsung is sure of the opposite. In her opinion, no matter how much she asked for her flagship with the S Pen stylus, all buyers will be ready to pay for it, because there will simply not be any analogues to the new product.

Recently it became known that the flagship premium tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 completely "killed" iPad Pro and other tablet computers based on Android.

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