Top global companies want to move production from China after Apple

Top global companies want to move production from China after Apple

It turned out that Apple is not the only technology giant that plans to withdraw part of its production from China. HP, Dell, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Lenovo, Acer, Amazon, Asus and Nintendo are among the companies that plan to do the same. China's global leadership in the production of high-tech devices is now a big question. What caused such a sharp decision? How will this affect the supply of equipment to Europe and America? Numerous sources of the Nikkei Asian Review report that Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Nintendo, and Sony are ready to partially move the production of some of their game consoles and smart speakers from China. Moreover, there is information that HP and Dell plan to do the same with 30% of their laptops.

Most likely, this step manufacturers pushed the likelihood of a trade war between China and the States. If we take into account the pessimistic scenario, the United States can introduce a 25% tax on the import of gadgets from the Middle Kingdom, and collecting them in this country will be pointless for the American market.

Earlier this year, Foxconn confirmed its thoughts about the start of mass production of the iPhone in India. Most likely, soon all Apple smartphones for the American market will be made outside of China.

Apple's goal is to withdraw from China the production of 30% of devices in the next three years. Economists have questioned the implementation of such a grand plan in such a short time. But it will bring a lot of benefits for the company, so the probability of success is definitely there.

Apple is seriously aiming at increasing the number of supply chains, and this can soon be achieved by solving some organizational and logistical issues. Excessive dependence on China is a risk, and Apple is aware of this.

But even if the United States and China will come to a peaceful resolution of all their disputes, gadgets will still begin to produce outside of the Middle Kingdom. This situation was commented in TIER:

"Soon the countries of Southeast Asia and India will become huge competitive centers for the production of electronics."

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