Xbox One: OneCast beta for Android is now available

Xbox One: OneCast beta for Android is now available

If you have an Android device, you can already test the OneCast gaming streaming application in the beta. The Xbox One gaming streaming platform features 1080p graphics, minimal lag, and can be used with an Xbox One control via Bluetooth. It also has support for multiple profiles so you can stream from a number of different consoles or Xbox One Gamertags.

The ad claims the beta will be free, but "the final version of OneCast for Android will only be available for testing by one then the full application can be unlocked through an internal purchase. " There is still no confirmation as to when the final version will be released for Android.

To test the beta app, just install the APK file, configuring the device to allow downloads from "unknown sources." If you are still experiencing problems, you may need to disable "play protect".

Via: Android Central

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