4 Extensions not to be missed in your Google Chrome

There are hundreds of extensions available for Google Chrome whose purpose is to make the browser more enjoyable and even more productive.
See 4 more extensions that you must have installed in your browser.


Disconnect is an extension that guarantees faster browsing, more user privacy and even more security.

As you can read on the site, Disconnect's mission is to improve the Internet and the world. This enables people to exercise their right to privacy. In addition, it allows the user to end or control unwanted sharing of personal data.

Session buddy

The Session Buddy extension is designed to manage the many (many) tabs that are currently open in Chrome.

For example, you can save open tabs and restore them later, or organize tabs by theme. But there are other cool features associated with tab management.

Dark mode

Dark Mode brings Chrome one of those options that Google has not yet implemented perfectly in your browser. With one click, you can have your Google browser in dark tones. At your disposal there are a few different shades available that adapt to different requirements.
Learn more options for Dark Mode extensions for Chrome:

Read & Write for Google Chrome

For those who write or read a lot, this is an excellent extension. It can also be an important aid for those who have difficulties in this area, particularly problems such as dyslexia.

Read & Write provides support for increasing student confidence in reading and writing. For example, you can hear aloud the words, paragraphs, and full color-contrast documents. They will also have access to the meaning of words, hear translated texts from other languages ​​and even get word suggestions as you type.

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