It's confirms ultra-fast charging in Samsung New Phone Galaxy Note 10

Samsung will lift the veil of secrecy from the Galaxy Note 10 this week - on August 7, the company will unveil a host of new features for its flagship, including an improved fast charge mode. If earlier rumors went into this regard, now the South Korean company itself has confirmed that the device will support the so-called ultra-fast charging (however, there are no details on this yet). In the accompanying image, in addition to the S-Pen, a camera picture is also provided.

The company lists this feature as one of the main features of Note 10 on the page of the upcoming Galaxy First Look event, which will be held at the Samsung 837 store in New York and is specifically designed so that visitors can first look at the new smartphone immediately after the official announcement.

“Join us on the Samsung 837 to preview the latest Samsung Galaxy device . Be among the first to appreciate all the much anticipated new features. These include an intelligent battery, ultra-fast charging, wireless charging of accessories via Wireless PowerShare, the next-generation S Pen, and much more, ”the message says in which the company urges to register tickets to attend the event and be able to place a pre-order at among the first. Now the Galaxy First Look page is already inactive - obviously, the limit of applications has already been reached.

Although there are no details, it is safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will support at least high-speed 25-watt charging. This feature is already available on a number of other Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy S10 5G. Nevertheless, there are rumors that Samsung will introduce support for 45-watt charging in Note 10, although it is alleged that the corresponding adapter will not go in the kit but it will have to be purchased.

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