AMD Radeon 5700 & 5700XT Review: Buy here. The cheapest and fastest graphics card in the medium price range

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A new GPU from AMD! Radeon 5700 and 5700XT announced at E3 in June . Nvidia's RTX 2060 ($ 350 / approx. 38,000 yen), faster than 2070 ($ 400 / approx. Was a selling phrase at the time of announcement . ... but.

Nvidia, a rival declaration from AMD, is a new product release. Just the other day, RTX 2060 Super ($ 400) RTX 2070 Super ($ 500), a very fast and relatively cheap GPU, and AMD's ugly complaints have been drowned out. However, AMD has not lost. Following the release of Nvidia , the price change was announced immediately before . Radeon 5700 was released from $ 380 to $ 350, and 5700XT was priced down from $ 450 to $ 400 . It ’s a great fight between rivals.

AMD Radeon 5700 & 5700XT

graphic card, Gadgets, Computing, News,
What is this? : AMD's first RDNA GPU
Price : $ 350 for 5700 (domestic price 45,900 yen), $ 400 for 5700XT (domestic price: 51,300 yen)
Where you like :
Where you don't like the fastest in this price range : Ray Racing There are no interesting features such as

What is RDNA microarchitecture?

In addition to the drama with Nvidia, what I want to pay attention to with Radeon 5700 / 5700XT is AMD's first adoption of RDNA Mykki architecture , which is expected to become a game changer . This is known by the Navi name. Navi is used not only by many AMD GPUs but also as the heart of Sony and Microsoft's next-generation game consoles, and by the end of next year, many people will play games on Navi-based terminals. and that will. Nonetheless, the 5700 / 5700XT is different from what is installed in the game terminal, and this is the core that wants to improve the performance of the game even if you put only one part = GPU only at the same price as the game machine fee It is made for serious PC gamers.

The mid-priced 5700 and 5700XT are very compatible with AMD Radeon Software, a graphics-gaming optimization software, so that you can finally compete with rival Nvidia's GeForce Experience. In other words, GPU settings (including color profiles) can be made easily, and the best performance of various games can be brought out. Both 5700 and 5700XT can be said to be the best performance in terms of good performance and price in almost all games.

AMD's Radeon 5700 and 5700XT were benchmarked against the biggest competitors Nvidia's RTX 2060, RTX 2060 Supe and RTX 2070 Super. We also included AMD's previous model Vega 56 GPU ($ 400) to see how much RDNA was upgraded. The test environment is Intel i9-9900K (RAM: 16GB, SSD: 256GB) and AMD / Nvidia is the latest driver for Windows 10.

First of all, the 5700 is a great victory over the 2060, as it was first announced as the Nvidia 2060 killer . So, if you have a budget of 350 dollars, there is no doubt that the Radeon 5700. The 5700XT was originally 450 dollars, so if you interact with the 2060 Super, you lose. However, it was revised to 400 dollars just before and it is the same price as 2060 Super, so it can be said that it is a good rival. If you are a 3D craftsman using professional software such as Blender, the 5700XT has the fastest image rendering speed and you want to pay attention to. We also benchmarked using Luxmark to test ray tracing, but this is not worth mentioning. Nvidia's products have enhanced ray tracing in the hardware, but Luxmark tests only with the power of the GPU itself, so it's not fair.

graphic card, Gadgets, Computing, News,

Usually, the relationship between AMD and Nvidia is hard to perform in terms of performance, and the impression is that Nvidia leads a little in terms of games and has a great deal of price. This time, AMD Radeon 5700 / 5700XT announced as Nvidia 2060 opposition horse changed to a stronger item through price revision just before the release. This time, no doubt, if you have a $ 350 budget, it's probably AMD's 5700 choice.


  • Radeon 5700 is a good GPU. The $ 30 savings and $ 350 just before the release made it much better than the $ 250 Nvidia RTX 2060.
  • The $ 400 5700XT performs better than the $ 400 2060 Super. Also, if you don't need Nvidia GPU raytracing, don't hesitate to AMD.

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