Apple will release new AirPods and HomePod in 2020

Apple will release new AirPods and HomePod in 2020

Apple may release a new cheaper version of the HomePod speaker and a more expensive version of the AirPods headphone next year.

The current $ 300 HomePod smart column has not become a successful product, and Apple is still lagging behind Google and Amazon in the smart speaker race. Among other things, high cost has become one of the main reasons for the failure of the HomePod. Google and Amazon have smart speakers starting at $ 50, and during discounts, they can be bought half as much.

By the new cheap version of HomePod, there will be only two twitter speakers, which will reduce its cost. The current column has seven such speakers. Yes, the sound quality of HomePod is better than that of its counterparts, but this can not be said about smart functions.

We do not know anything about the cost of the new column, but earlier there were rumors that Apple will release the Beats column with Siri support for 199 dollars.

As for the new AirPods, they will cost more than the current ones. But the headphones will have active noise reduction and water protection, which everyone has been waiting for so long. Most likely, the current model will also be left on sale, because not everyone can afford the new one.

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