Passwords? Google wants this to be a thing of the past for Android users

 The Internet and its users are exposed to security issues. This is a universal truth that is increasingly proven without much can be done. If we relied on passwords to guarantee that security, the truth is that even they are no longer secure.

To satisfy this need for protection, the future seems to have ensured that passwords will disappear. Alternatives have emerged and Google now has something new. Soon Android users will be able to completely dispense with this element of security.

Although not the only one, Google has invested a lot to eliminate passwords. It seeks to use alternative mechanisms to ensure that the authentication of its users is as secure as possible. It has been a long way, but it has borne fruit on many levels.
Google wants to end passwords on Android

Once you get to give more security to Chrome using authentication keys, now comes the turn of Android. They will soon only use screen unlock to validate access to sites and other security features. All surprisingly simple and fast.

Proof of this concept is now available and Google guarantees that it is safe after all. When you access the site on Android, you will no longer be prompted for a password to access each registration. In this case you will only be asked for the same unlocking mechanism set up on Android.
Fingerprint will be the key for the user

Of course this can certainly be done in many ways. Currently available either the standard, the PIN or the increasingly used fingerprint. Using these methods is safe as they are local to the smartphone and considered safe.

These mechanisms are already used by Google on Android for various authentications. So we have Google Pay and access to some apps depending on these authentication mechanisms. If Google trusts you to use it on Android, Google will also trust you to give you access to your information.
This concept can already be used on a smartphone.

This concept will be developed and matured. For now it is contained in the Google password management site and can already be used. It only requires that the smartphone is running Android 7 or later and is based on the use of FIDO2 and WebAuthn protocol.

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