SanDisk starts selling 1TB microSD card for a fortune

The device hits the market for $ 450

SanDisk starts selling 1TB microSD

Announced during MWC 2019, SanDisk's 1 TB microSD card finally hit the market. The component goes on sale this week in the United States for the "modest" price of $ 450, which is more expensive than some premium intermediate phones, such as the Google Pixel 3a.

SanDisk promises read speeds of 160 MB / s and 90 MB / s for write to the Extreme line, and the new device follows these features, making it ideal for those who really need space, such as photographers and videographers deal with very high definition images.

File transfers and load times should be a little faster as well. Other features include water, impact and X-ray resistance, and are capable of surviving high temperatures. It is worth noting, however, that not all devices with microSD slots support 1TB cards, so it is important to check before you buy it.

All other SanDisk Extreme microSD cards are still on sale, so you can get the 128 GB and 256 GB versions cheaper. For those who don't need 1TB, and few people really need it all, it might be a good time to get a slightly more modest card.

The memory card market is undergoing a transformation right now. The SD Association announced at MWC a new microSD standard that will increase speeds up to 985MB / s, but we will have to wait a while for these storage solutions to hit stores.

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