Pokemon Masters hits 10 million downloads in four days

DeNA announced through official Twitter that its new game, Pokémon Masters, has reached 10 million downloads in its first four days on the market.

Pokémon Masters hits 10 million downloads in four days

Launched for mobile devices around the world, the game sets aside the usual focus on pocket monsters to highlight the numerous trainers who have become famous over the franchise's many seasons.

Players must assemble teams of up to three coaches and their respective Pokémon to battle against other teams. New team members are acquired through the well-known gacha system, where game coins or real money are used to win a random character.

Despite the respectable brand for a mobile game, the company admits in its own tweet that some regions ended up receiving the game before its official release date.

Pokémon Masters is available for free for Android and iOS devices with 64-bit systems. The game includes micro-transactions and requires a stable internet connection.

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