10 Tips to Make Search Simpler and Faster

Do you think you can research? So here are 10 tips that will prove useful.

  • Enclose words in quotation marks "[any word]" to search for an exact phrase and in the exact order. Remember that searches with quotes can exclude relevant results . For example, a search for "Alexander Bell" will exclude pages that refer to Alexander G. Bell
  • Using the minus sign to eliminate a word: If you are doing a search where many different results appear the trick is easy. Just type the minus sign (-) and type in what doesn't matter. For example, if you want to know what Wikipedia says about the former prime minister, it is likely that the first results are from his Greek namesake.
In this case just delete the search "philosopher".

  • Search through specific document formats (Powerpoint, PDF, Excel). If you only want results from a specific medium like Power Point or PDF, you type what you want to search for and in front of "filetype:" and the desired format. filetype beauty tips: pdf
  • Search on a specific site. Before the search word write site: if you want your answer to come from a specific site or type of site (.org, .edu). For example: site: edu (+ more words to search) or site: nytimes.com (plus words to search). Exe: Website: Observer Makeup
  • Use an asterisk when looking for comprehensive information on a specific topic. Google will search for possible matches related to the word * design. It can also be used to search for songs.
  • Calculator
  • Make conversions: miles to kilometers. coins, etc.
  • Know the sunset time in a city
  • Know Time Zone
  • Games hidden in the search box. Just type atari breakout and then click on the image search menu.

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