5 Tips for Using the Facebook App

Do you have a Facebook account? Do you use your Android device to consult it while on the go? Well, you're not alone. In fact, I have already thought of deleting the app so that it is not always clinging to the phone. If you like having it, or hate it, love it, here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of Facebook's Android app.

Quick Post Widget

Want to be able to update your status or post a photo without going through the litany of loading the app itself? With the homescreen Facebook status widget you can share with friends exactly what you are doing at any time.

If you have the Facebook app installed, just long tap on an empty space in the homescreen, choose Widgets, Facebook and Facebook Buttons, then choose the widget.

share Facebook content anywhere

Deepening the theme of saving time, we emphasize that it is easy and practical to share any phone content on facebook, as the application has almost complete integration with the gallery and file managers.

Want to quickly share a photo just taken?

Improve Facebook App Performance

Like most mobile applications, the Facebook application can become confusing when the cache becomes full over time.

Clear the Facebook app cache.

To clear the cache in the Facebook application, go to Settings & gt; applications & gt; Facebook and choose Clear Cache. Not choosing the Clear Data option, if we do this Facebook sign-in credentials will also be deleted.

Organize the news feed

Facebook is always up to date, whether it's information about friends or news, so it's important for us to receive notifications in chronological order, rather than letting Facebook choose what it wants to show me first, as well as to receive information about it. arrival order notifications do the following:

Want to see all the news in chronological order? Changes the news feed options.

Manage notifications

Don't want to be notified each time someone comments on your status? Perhaps you prefer the LED to light each time you receive a message? Well, we can change that in the App Settings.

Change the type of notifications you receive on your device.

Most of these tips are not new, however for the more distracted, they are registered here.

Got more tips to share? Leave it in the comments.


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