Chrome may be devouring your Android storage

We cannot doubt the importance and popularity of Google Chrome in 2019 where, although we have several alternatives, Chrome turns out to be the most used in many parts of the world, either because it is installed on most Android phones or because many users have too lazy to change application. However, this isn't the first time we've heard "weird" things about Chrome, it's already proven to be one of the most RAM-consuming applications on computers and smartphones, and now we also know that Google's browser may be consuming significantly storage of the phone.

Chrome may be devouring your Android storage

Chrome can take up to several GB of storage on your phone.

It's no joke (before it was), but sometimes it's weird to think that a company like Google has these issues in applications as popular and used as Google Chrome. The news was first reported by Android Police , one of the most relevant sites in relation to everything happening on Android, where it was mentioned that Chrome (at least for Android) takes up a significant amount of phone memory to store information from websites that We visited.

We don't know why Google Chrome needs to store so much information about sites, because in some cases a single site can take up GB of information, but in most cases it's just a few MB for each site we visit in Google Chrome.Chrome is one of the apps I use most in my daily life. It's scary to see people who have up to 4 GB of space occupied by Chrome. This may not be a problem on phones with 128GB storage memories, but Google should at least explain why Chrome keeps irrational amounts of information from each site.

Chrome may be devouring your Android storage

How to remove this space occupied by Chrome?

Fortunately, Chrome gives us the option to remove this data from sites on our phone, so we need to follow these steps:
Open Chrome and go to "settings" with the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
Next we go to "Definitions"
Now let's go to the "Site Definitions" option.
Once inside, we look for the "Storage" option.
Here we will look at the amount of MB or GB that Chrome has stored on our device and below we can see the option to free that space.

Chrome may be devouring your Android storage

How much space does Google Chrome take up on your device storage?


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