Drones start making commercial deliveries in the USA

Drones start making commercial deliveries in the USA

US company Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet, began making its first commercial deliveries using drones in the US. As a result, it became the first in the country to deliver directly to consumers with this type of aircraft.

Its first partners are the Walgreens drugstore chain and Fedex , with coverage initially restricted to Christiansburg, a 22,000-strong city in Virginia. The first delivery to Walgreens was made to the Collver family, who ordered a medicine kit. Fedex's first delivery was for Paul Sensmeier, who bought his wife a birthday present.

In either case the customer chooses the drone delivery option at the time of ordering. It is made by appointment and must indicate on an on-screen map where the package should be left. The drone does not land: it hovers over the indicated location and lowers the package with the help of a cable. Now the company is considering extending service to other states by the end of 2020.


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