Hands on: ROG Phone 2, A Big Cell Phone

Next Monday (21), Asus launches here in Brazil the ROG Phone 2, but the Digital Look already lets you take a peek at it!

Starting with the packaging, you can already get an idea that the ROG Phone 2 is not a conventional device. In addition to the cell phone, the set includes a base to cool the phone while playing (a kind of cooler); a protective cover and a charger.

The look of the phone is also quite different and brings a futuristic touch in silver color. When you turn it on, you can see a custom Android screen that escapes the conventional and a system with a kind of "Dark Theme". This screen, by the way, is one of the highlights of the device, which has a frequency of 120 Hz. Inside, the device has generous 12 Gb of RAM.

When it comes to gaming, ROG Phone 2's performance doesn't disappoint. The Digital Look has subjected the device to testing with three games: "Mobile Legends", "Asphalt" and "Call of Duty Mobile". All three impressed by their fluidity, running with maximum graphic settings already set by default.

Even with its cooling base, the Asus phone is still a very lightweight handset, given the configuration it carries.


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