Huawei may be about to return to Google's arms!

Huawei has been living in a world of trouble after Donald Trump added the manufacturer's name to the famed 'Entity List'. Especially when China and the United States were unable to reach agreement in time for the release of the Mate 30 Pro, which eventually tarnished the launch of what could very well be the Android smartphone of the year.

However, it looks like the sun may shine again for Chinese giant Huawei! After all, according to the New York Times, Huawei's access to the North American distribution chain may be about to be restored by the administration led by Donald Trump!
Huawei may be about to return to Google's arms!

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Therefore, according to the latest information, the ban on Huawei may be about to be lifted. Which in turn means the manufacturer's smartphones may be about to return to the arms of Google GMS! (Google Mobile Services)

Bombshell for Huawei and all consumers, whether or not they are fans of the Chinese giant's smartphones… Just have to gain from another strong brand in the Android world to give Samsung and Apple headaches .

So the very recent high-end Huawei Mate 30 Pro that had a disappointing launch event, which has not yet reached the European market. You can thus recover much of the 'Hype' you deserve! When retrieving Google Play Store, YouTube, Gmail, etc…

After all, in a very recent survey, we learned that only 22% of respondents would consider buying a smartphone or Google services in the European market.

Thus, it is apparent that Huawei's fortunes may change in the coming days. But calm down! Still nothing confirmed, we have to wait to know what will really happen.

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