Huawei will develop radar for autonomous cars

The Huawei will use 5G technology to develop radar for autonomous cars. The move is part of the Chinese giant's attempt to play a bigger role in the auto industry.

The speech comes from the company's rotating chairman, Xu Zhijun, at a conference on connected smart vehicles . He has not given time to develop the products, but has confirmed that the company will use 5G to mount laser millimeter wave radars.

Despite all the investment in autonomous vehicles by large companies, experts say it will take years for the industry to reach "level 4" autonomy. This is the level at which vehicles will be able to handle all aspects of driving without human intervention.

The radars will be installed by Huawei, both the millimeter wave as those laser, are used by the autonomous vehicle manufacturers to collect information from the environment around the vehicle.

Huawei's decision follows China's strong effort to accompany the United States in the global race for autonomous vehicle development.

Remember that in April, the company launched a 5G communication hardware for the automotive industry.


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