Instagram may start suggesting accounts to unfollow

Instagram may start suggesting accounts to unfollow

Getting started with an Instagram account is very easy. Just click on the word "follow" to see all the posts the particular user posts. However, this "fever" of following many people can leave the social network heavily polluted with content not even that interesting - even if they are followed. In order to make the feed cleaner and more interesting, Instagram can start helping users select accounts that no longer matter.

The news could prevent a person from wasting their time searching for accounts they follow and it doesn't interest them to stop following them one by one. The information was revealed by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, who is known for finding out what some applications are testing before actions are implemented.

How would this work?

What Instagram is thinking about doing is creating account groups to manage user interactivity. According to Wong, it's about "bundling the accounts you follow to make them easier to manage." The feature would show which accounts are most viewed in the feed and which users have least interacted with.

The information gathered would be based on data from the last 90 days of activity on the platform . Thus, after three months, the individual may choose to stop following the accounts in which he has least interacted or to keep them. The decision to filter the social network is in the testing phase and its implementation is not yet taken for granted.

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