Mijia 1C is Xiaomi's new wireless vacuum cleaner

Mijia 1C is Xiaomi's new wireless vacuum cleaner
Xiaomi continues to launch several products to make the daily life of its customers easier. The company recently announced an amazing cordless handheld vacuum cleaner called Mijia 1C. Interestingly enough, this vacuum cleaner has a power of 120 AW.

Promising to leave your home spotless, the Mijia 1C vacuum cleaner has a speed of 10W. According to Xiaomi, he is able to remove any kind of dirt from his home. What's more, this mini vacuum cleaner features an incredible multiple cone filter system.

Versatile, this mini vacuum cleaner can clean even the corners of sofas and the toughest areas of your home. In addition, allergy sufferers will be happy to know that the product can kill up to 99% of mites.

With pre-sale starting on October 16th, the Mijia 1C will be available in just 1000 units. Starting price is 999 Yuan (about R $ 580)

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