Motorola confirms the release date of new folding Razr

From the beginning of the year, rumors pointed that Motorola would bring back the famous RAZR line, only this time as a folding smartphone. This week, the company invited US journalists to an event that will take place on November 13.

In the invitation to the press, you can see an unmistakable silhouette of a classic RAZR V3, a device that was a huge success in the 2000s. Although it is hard to say for sure, even though the design looks similar, you can see a different type of hinge. , perhaps to better accommodate the folding screen of the device.

Motorola has already confirmed that it was working on a folding handset expected to launch by 2019, but does not say whether this handset would be the RAZR. Well, now it's up to everyone to wait for the announcement that will be made in November.


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