New design of Android TV should arrive in the coming weeks

A new update for Android TV should be available soon, with a major design change. The change was first noted by a Reddit user who photographed the new interface. The site 9to5Google asked the company and received information that "the vast majority will receive the updated application." Only a few older Android TV services will remain as they are.

The new version of the Play Store on Android TV puts a great focus on app research and discovery. Android TV currently has more than 5,000 apps, and Google hopes to make this choice easier and more intuitive, as well as suggest new apps you might like. To this end, categories such as Entertainment, Sports, Games, and Productivity have been expanded, keeping less popular apps hidden.

Suggestions will be allocated into different categories and will include personalized recommendations to improve the Android TV user experience. In addition, the app has also undergone many visual modifications. The background now uses a full-screen image and selecting an app will launch an app trailer. If nothing is selected, the background will be black. The goal is to get in on the competition with Chromecast, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

The Apps, Games, and My Apps section has also been relocated and now occupies the top right corner of the homepage. Previously, these options were within a menu accessed at the left of the screen. Like the main menu, the settings menu has also received some visual changes, now featuring a list menu instead of icons.

Overall, the new Play Store update will make better use of available TV screen space, which should help users have a better experience with the app. Expected in the coming weeks, Google said Android TV will not yet have Play Pass because these services are not yet technologically compatible.


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