(Special) Do you know what to do with an old laptop?

Nowadays, technology is evolving at such a high rate that we often end up with 1, 2 or even 3 laptops abandoned somewhere in the house. Which, in fact, is a real waste! That machine may no longer be enough to kill some turnips in CS: GO, edit videos or work on large excel datasheets… However, it certainly has its uses! But which ones?

An 'old' laptop is not a 'dead' laptop! Learn what you can do with your old machine

So there is a lot to do if you happen to have a laptop at home. Especially in an age when waste is getting too much. After all, it's also up to us to reuse what we have at hand instead of throwing it all away and buying new.

First of all, there's nothing like grabbing a giant external HDD, downloading a Movie / Series management application, connecting to your TV and having a real Media Center in your living room. (If your laptop has a DVD player, it really gets the full experience) In this case, you can even use the many streaming apps, or even use the TV apps from your service provider (MEO Go or NOS TV)

Similarly, there is also the possibility of getting a DAC, connecting to the laptop, and getting an authentic high quality music station. (Depending on how much money you can dispense to DAC)

A family video and photo storage station is also an option! Still remember the first vacation with your child? Want to see? Turn on the PC and choose the folder. You can even go to Google Photos directly, without external storage, and see the results of your latest vacation or event with no fuss.
Playing on an old laptop is not off the table!

You can also get some emulators and make this PC a real homebrew station in your living room. With the ability to play NES titles up to GameBoy Advance or Nintendo 64.

In fact, if you have kids in your family, you can be an introduction to the computer world. What is not lacking in the market are educational programs, and starting to teach the kids a touch of programming is also not bad thought to start developing logical thinking. Otherwise it can also serve as a super cheap gaming machine. (Look at the emulation solution mentioned above)

It can also be used as a backup machine in case your main PC has problems.

Finally, if you really want to give a new life, and turn your old laptop into a real productivity machine. Nothing better than forgetting about Windows, and installing a Linux build. Here you can browse the Internet, work on various types of documents, in a super light and intuitive Operating System.

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