The 7 Best and Safest Internet Browsers for Your Android Smartphone

Smartphones are for accessing the Internet, that's for sure. You will agree with me that the faster and safer the better experience.
Today we have a list of browsers that are fast, secure and have the option to sync your computer with your mobile device.
You can see below 7 powerful and current browsers for surfing the web quickly and with all the functions needed for great web experience.

1. Google Chrome

Best and Safest Internet Browsers for Your Android Smartphone

Probably the most used among browsers, Google Chrome must already be an old acquaintance of yours. Mostly if they use an Android device, which has the browser as default. Very efficient and complete, you can sync everything you have in the desktop version to your smartphone or tablet, such as bookmarks and browsing history.

Fast and fluid when accessing the heaviest web pages, Chrome is perfect if you also use other Google services like Gmail or Maps. Thus, everything is integrated in the palm of the hand.

There is also the option of protecting data as well as optimizing web pages. The browser also has a download button to save the pages you want to read offline later, great for those who want content even without internet!

To download Chrome , click your operating system: Android / iOS .
Google Chrome: Fast & amp; Secure (Free, Google Play) →

2. Opera

Best and Safest Internet Browsers for Your Android Smartphone

Available since the release of the first smartphones, Opera has evolved over time, and is considered one of the best browsers available on the internet. Very light and simple interface, using Opera is nice.

To create a great experience, Opera has a very attractive function for those who need to access the internet with the mobile network: page compression to save data and generate smooth navigation.

Also very interesting for those who want integration with various devices, the user can do it very quickly and simply, with access to the most visited sites on the computer quickly and without delay.

If you want something simple and to save more data, choose Opera Mini. Very fast and with virtually all the features of Opera Mobile, you can compress data even more effectively.

To install Opera Mobile , click on your operating system: Android / iOS .
To install Opera Mini , select your system: Android / iOS .
Opera Mini - fast web browser (Free, Google Play) →

3. Mozilla Firefox

Best and Safest Internet Browsers for Your Android Smartphone

Complete and a strong alternative to Chrome, Mozilla Firefox also offers desktop and mobile integration.

With a number of cool features like blocking autoplay videos, the browser is fast and effective with a huge variety of extensions. These range from utilities to changing the look of the browser windows as you please.

With a very simple and nice interface, Firefox still has several ways of browser customization and is quite attractive compared to Chrome.

Also, if you really want privacy on the internet, Mozilla offers Firefox Focus, which is very easy, fast and does not store history. It also has the function of blocking online trackers.

To install Mozilla Firefox , click on your operating system: Android / iOS .
To install Firefox Focus , select your system: Android / iOS .
Firefox Focus: The privacy browser (Free, Google Play) →

4. Puffin

Best and Safest Internet Browsers for Your Android Smartphone

Very popular with Android owners, Puffin is a very lightweight browser, but that doesn't stop it from having many customization features. The application accepts extra features, enhancing the browser experience.

To speed up browsing, Puffin shifts work to the cloud, which optimizes browsing on smartphones. Another very attractive feature for some users is the option to "emulate" a trackpad or mouse, making it easier for the user to access their pages and bookmarks.

Using state-of-the-art encryption, Puffin is ready to protect you from hacking attacks, as well as providing increased security when accessing a suspicious page.

To install Puffin , click on your operating system: Android / iOS .
Puffin Web Browser (Free, Google Play) →

5. Dolphin

Best and Safest Internet Browsers for Your Android Smartphone

One of the oldest browsers still available on the market, Dolphin is well known. It's very attractive in appearance and enables one of the best smartphone experiences with Google's operating system, with great fluidity and simplicity of navigation.

One of Dolphin's highlights is the customization of shortcuts, which can be created to make it easy to access specific pages. An example is creating an on-screen drawing to be associated with opening a new page, or even another function within the browser.

However, the only downside is that there is no possibility of desktop integration as Dolphin is not available for computers. But the application experience is worth it!

To install Dolphin , select your operating system: Android / iOS .
Dolphin Browser - Fast, Private & amp; AdblockšŸ¬ (Free, Google Play) →

6. Maxthon

Best and Safest Internet Browsers for Your Android Smartphone

The Maxthon can be considered one of the best internet browsers, because it allows the user to sync your browsing data with multiple platforms, both desktop and mobile devices. This is made possible by the cloud-based browser system.

In addition, the navigation itself is made simple and fluid, it is possible to have a page entirely dedicated to your favorite sites. With news updates and various content, the user is well informed throughout the day. You can also edit and customize these functions.

In read mode, it is much more enjoyable to read pages that contain a lot of text, and the app eliminates ads and other distractions when you're focused on reading. Perfect for those who want speed in a simple and intuitive interface!

To install Maxthon , select your operating system: Android / iOS .
Maxthon Browser - Fast & amp; Safe Cloud Web Browser (Free, Google Play) →

7. Edge

Best and Safest Internet Browsers for Your Android Smartphone

We know that when it comes to Microsoft browsers, users are almost "traumatized" by the speed disaster Internet Explorer has already provided. But Edge is ready to make the user rethink what he thought of the browsers of Bill Gates's company.

If you are past that stage and are using Edge on your desktop, you will be amazed at how the browser on your smartphone synchronizes with that on your computer. Although not yet the fastest, has a feature called Hub, which allows the user to organize all the experience on the Internet, making content management easy anywhere.

Aimed at those who use Windows 10 on their computer, precisely because of the extremely smart synchronization between devices, Edge is a bet from Microsoft that you can please!

To install Microsoft Edge , select your operating system: Android / iOS .
Microsoft Edge (Free, Google Play) →

Have you chosen which browser is the best?

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