Microsoft can now sell software to Huawei! When will Google?

Microsoft may re-sell Software to Huawei - The past few months have not been easy for Huawei because of all the US bans on the company. However, it seems that President Trump's executive order is getting lighter by the day…
Microsoft is licensed to resell the software to Huawei!

Therefore, all of this was confirmed on November 20 by a Microsoft spokesman, stating that "The United States Department of Commerce has granted Microsoft licensing to export software to Huawei."

Microsoft is part of the US companies that have been licensed again to deliver products to Huawei!

As such, Microsoft may again sell Windows and Office to Huawei. This will help the company not only on their Windows notebooks but also on their servers.

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That said, be aware that recently Huawei has even been forced to postpone the launch of its new laptop which of course is going to be based on the Windows OS. A product that should have been presented at CES Asia (Early 2019).

In fact, Microsoft itself has even momentarily stopped selling the Huawei MateBook X Pro laptop because of everything that happened.

Despite the Huawei ban, Microsoft has always kept silent!

In short, it seems that all bans are finally being lifted. However, I am curious to find out the extent of the negative impact to Huawei thanks to all that has happened.

And of course, to know if Google will have the same treatment as Microsoft.
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