OnePlus Security Breach Exposes User Data

OnePlus, a Chinese company known for the most affordable high-end smartphones (the famous flagship killers), today revealed that its system has been breached, resulting in revealed customer information. Names, contact numbers, emails and addresses were exposed and stopped in the possession of third parties not related to the company.

According to the brand, only a small number of customers were affected, and in addition, it was reported that bank details, payment information, passwords and credit card data were not exposed. Remember that there was a much worse failure last year, where even card data was released.

OnePlus discovered this while its security team was doing monitoring work. Immediately, your employees worked to strengthen security and stop the attack, as well as enhancing security to eliminate other vulnerabilities.

All impacted users have been notified by email. So if you own a device, or have ordered a mobile phone from OnePlus and received an email from OnePlus, that means you have been affected. If not, then it is safe. Either way, neither case requires you to do anything. The company is working with the authorities to find out those responsible for the attack.

This security breach implies stealing customers' personal data for companies to spam / email spam to their email address. Again, according to the company, even if you were affected, no bank details were stolen. OnePlus's security team has apologized on its online forum, and says it is working to prevent something like this from happening in the future.

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