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AMD Radeon 5700 & 5700XT Review: Buy here. The cheapest and fastest graphics card in the medium price range

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A new GPU from AMD! Radeon 5700 and 5700XT announced at E3 in June . Nvidia's RTX 2060 ($ 350 / approx. 38,000 yen), faster than 2070 ($ 400 / approx. Was a selling phrase at the time of announcement . ... but.

Nvidia, a rival declaration from AMD, is a new product release. Just the other day, RTX 2060 Super ($ 400) RTX 2070 Super ($ 500), a very fast and relatively cheap GPU, and AMD's ugly complaints have been drowned out. However, AMD has not lost. Following the release of Nvidia , the price change was announced immediately before . Radeon 5700 was released from $ 380 to $ 350, and 5700XT was priced down from $ 450 to $ 400 . It ’s a great fight between rivals.

AMD Radeon 5700 & 5700XT

graphic card, Gadgets, Computing, News,
What is this? : AMD's first RDNA GPU
Price : $ 350 for 5700 (domestic price 45,900 yen), $ 400 for 5700XT (domestic price: 51,300 yen)
Where you like :
Where you don't like the fastest in this price range : Ray Racing There are no interesting features such as

What is RDNA microarchitecture?

In addition to the drama with Nvidia, what I want to pay attention to with Radeon 5700 / 5700XT is AMD's first adoption of RDNA Mykki architecture , which is expected to become a game changer . This is known by the Navi name. Navi is used not only by many AMD GPUs but also as the heart of Sony and Microsoft's next-generation game consoles, and by the end of next year, many people will play games on Navi-based terminals. and that will. Nonetheless, the 5700 / 5700XT is different from what is installed in the game terminal, and this is the core that wants to improve the performance of the game even if you put only one part = GPU only at the same price as the game machine fee It is made for serious PC gamers.

The mid-priced 5700 and 5700XT are very compatible with AMD Radeon Software, a graphics-gaming optimization software, so that you can finally compete with rival Nvidia's GeForce Experience. In other words, GPU settings (including color profiles) can be made easily, and the best performance of various games can be brought out. Both 5700 and 5700XT can be said to be the best performance in terms of good performance and price in almost all games.

AMD's Radeon 5700 and 5700XT were benchmarked against the biggest competitors Nvidia's RTX 2060, RTX 2060 Supe and RTX 2070 Super. We also included AMD's previous model Vega 56 GPU ($ 400) to see how much RDNA was upgraded. The test environment is Intel i9-9900K (RAM: 16GB, SSD: 256GB) and AMD / Nvidia is the latest driver for Windows 10.

First of all, the 5700 is a great victory over the 2060, as it was first announced as the Nvidia 2060 killer . So, if you have a budget of 350 dollars, there is no doubt that the Radeon 5700. The 5700XT was originally 450 dollars, so if you interact with the 2060 Super, you lose. However, it was revised to 400 dollars just before and it is the same price as 2060 Super, so it can be said that it is a good rival. If you are a 3D craftsman using professional software such as Blender, the 5700XT has the fastest image rendering speed and you want to pay attention to. We also benchmarked using Luxmark to test ray tracing, but this is not worth mentioning. Nvidia's products have enhanced ray tracing in the hardware, but Luxmark tests only with the power of the GPU itself, so it's not fair.

graphic card, Gadgets, Computing, News,

Usually, the relationship between AMD and Nvidia is hard to perform in terms of performance, and the impression is that Nvidia leads a little in terms of games and has a great deal of price. This time, AMD Radeon 5700 / 5700XT announced as Nvidia 2060 opposition horse changed to a stronger item through price revision just before the release. This time, no doubt, if you have a $ 350 budget, it's probably AMD's 5700 choice.


  • Radeon 5700 is a good GPU. The $ 30 savings and $ 350 just before the release made it much better than the $ 250 Nvidia RTX 2060.
  • The $ 400 5700XT performs better than the $ 400 2060 Super. Also, if you don't need Nvidia GPU raytracing, don't hesitate to AMD.

TDP 65W 8-core 16-thread CPU “Core i9-9900” appears, but the trend of shortage remains unchanged

Following the " Core i5-9500 " last week, a new lineup was added to the 9th generation Core i series last week. The 8-core 16-thread “Core i9-9900” and the 6-core 6-thread “Core i5-9600” are priced in the order of 57,000 yen and 29,000 yen (including tax, the same below). Also, some shops handle Core i9-9900 bulk products, which are priced at around 52,000 yen, subject to the purchase of a set with a CPU cooler or motherboard.

“Still, it does n’t go well.” —The Core i Series

Both CPUs have the Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics function built in, and the TDP is limited to 65W. The i9-9900 will be the only TDP 65W in the current Core i9 series, and the i5-9600 will be the highest in the TDP 65W model of the current Core i5. The operating clocks are 3.1GHz up to 5.0GHz and 3.1GHz up to 4.6GHz in order.

TSUKUMO eX. Evaluated, “It is big that Core i9 can be used in a low power consumption configuration. I think it will expand the options.”

On the other hand, it seems that there is not much expectation that these new lineups will eliminate the shortage trend of the 9th generation Core i series as a whole. A shop is "I because it does not change the overall short supply trend. This new product does not stand the prospect of re-stock. I feel that choice has become widely and thinly or I" called. There was also a voice saying, “Well, I can't expect a lot of fun this year.

Gigabyte Announces AMD Ryzen X570 UD Motherboard

Gigabyte Announces AMD Ryzen X570 UD Motherboard

The Gigabyte announced the motherboard X570 UD (Ultra Durable) , which promises to be one of the most affordable products on the new AMD chipset, designed for third-generation Ryzen . The novelty uses almost the same PCB as the previously released X570 Gaming X model.

Gigabyte X570 UD received a 10 + 2 phase power system with an 8-pin EPS12V connector and a pair of aluminum radiators. To the right of the socket are four connectors for DDR4 DIMM memory modules (maximum capacity 128 GB) and one expansion slot set includes one PCI Express 4.0 x16 (with metal backing), one pair of PCI-E 4.0 x16 x4 and two PCI-E 4.0 x1.
Gigabyte Announces AMD Ryzen X570 UD Motherboard

The card also includes an M.2 connector, six 6 Gb / s SATA ports, a Realtek gigabit network controller and an audio subsystem on a Realtek ALC887 chip. Like most AMD X570 motherboards, a small fan is installed in the chipset area.

The rear panel has four USB 3.2 Gen1 ports, one pair of USB 2.0, PS / 2 and RJ-45 connectors, one HDMI video output, three 3.5mm audio connectors and one Q-Flash Plus button.

Price and availability

Gigabyte did not disclose this information.

Premiere: Lenovo brought an inexpensive ideaCentre T540 Gaming system

Lenovo brought an inexpensive ideaCentre T540

The PC received a compact body, powerful stuffing and upgradeability without losing the warranty.

In Russia, sales of the Lenovo IdeaCentre T540 Gaming, a compact gaming computer in a 15-liter body in mineral gray with blue backlight, begin.

The IdeaCentre T540 Gaming comes with the latest 9th generation Intel Core processor and the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti video card, built on the latest Nvidia Turing architecture. Available in various configurations will be available with 32 GB of RAM in the maximum configuration and built-in memory up to 1 TB on the SSD-drive and up to 2 TB on the HDD. The operating system is Windows 10 Home. The computer is equipped with 4 USB 3.1 ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB Type C port, a 7 in 1 card reader, an HDMI port, audio and VGA outputs.
Lenovo brought an inexpensive ideaCentre T540
The IdeaCentre T540 Gaming also received an efficient cooling system with a built-in smart temperature sensor, which detects the ambient temperature and automatically adjusts the cooling level. Hot air in the T540 Gaming is not dissipated inside, but blown out, providing a comfortable working temperature of the components of the system unit.

As with other Lenovo solutions, the IdeaCentre T540 is pre-installed with Lenovo Vantage software. It allows you to personalize your PC settings, automatically update drivers, and perform device self-diagnostics. McAfee LiveSafe antivirus is also installed on the computer.

Lenovo IdeaCentre T540 Gaming will go on sale in August at a price of from 54,200 Rs. PC warranty is 1 year. At the same time, users can independently upgrade computer components without losing the warranty.

MediaTek issued Helio G90T: performance for the game, Qilong 730

Chip maker MediaTek officially released the first "born for the game" chip Helio G90 series and chip-level game optimization engine technology MediaTek HyperEngine.
MediaTek issued Helio G90T

Among them, the Helio G90T chip in the series became the first chip in the world to obtain TÜV Rheinland mobile online game experience certification, supporting 90Hz screen refresh rate, 64 million pixel camera and double-keyword voice wake-up technology.
  The HyperEngine game optimization engine technology can be optimized from four aspects: game network delay, control, image quality, and load control.
MediaTek Helio G90T chip

  The CPU part of MediaTek Helio G90T chip consists of two ARM Cortex-A76 big cores and six Cortex-A55 small cores. The GPU is equipped with ARM Mali-G76 MC4, clocked at 800MHz, and built-in dual-core APU to provide AI for the chip. Calculation power. In addition, the chip supports 10GB of LPDDR4x memory, up to 2133MHz, to ensure the performance of the phone.

  From this set of parameters, the performance of the Helio G90T is still at the same level as the Snapdragon 730 and the Kirin 810. Although the official did not announce the running scores, but from the earlier running points of the Ann Bunny leak, its performance is slightly higher than the Xiaolong 730, less than the Kirin 810.

  In addition to the chip itself, MediaTek has prepared a game optimization engine MediaTek HyperEngine for this series. The engine includes a network optimization engine, a control optimization engine, an image quality optimization engine, and an intelligent load control engine. For MediaTek, this game optimization engine is the key to distinguishing it from other competing chips.

  The following is a brief introduction to the optimization effects brought by the MediaTek optimization engine:

Network optimization engine WiFi and LTE dual concurrent

  The network optimization engine can improve the network connection speed, including network delay optimization, intelligent dual-channel WiFi concurrency and calls are not dropped. According to the official introduction, it uses the game network delay <100ms standard for technical optimization, which is more stringent than the industry generally uses 200ms. This technology can effectively reduce the game network card rate, improve the game network delay, and is the first in the world to pass the TÜV Rhein mobile game experience certification.

  In addition, MediaTek and Xunyou Mobile Accelerator reached in-depth cooperation to jointly develop network delay optimization technology. The technology can judge the network environment through the intelligent prediction of the chip layer. If the WiFi connection is not good, the WiFi/LTE will be intelligently concurrently, thereby ensuring network stability.

  Intelligent dual-channel Wi-Fi concurrency technology supports the simultaneous connection of 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band routers or simultaneous connection of 2 routers. When WiFi has interfered, the game data packet can be transmitted synchronously through two-way WiFi, reducing the risk of single-channel delay. In addition, MediaTek and Tencent have cooperated in-depth to support a variety of mainstream games.

Play games while answering the phone

When the incoming call is not dropped, the baseband technology of the chip layer allows the user to play the game without interrupting the data due to the incoming call, causing the game to be dropped and stuck. When the call comes in, the user can decide whether to answer the call without affecting the progress of the game and can reduce the game stagnation caused by data loss of up to 1~20 seconds.

Chip level image optimization

The manipulation optimization engine is mainly used to optimize game frame rate and screen touch. The technology controls GPU image rendering and screen display from the chip layer, thereby achieving effects such as touch speed increase, full frame display, and instant brushing.

"On the battlefield" lets you see the whole audience

The image quality optimization engine, as its name suggests, is used to enhance the display. It uses MediaTek's exclusive MiraVision image display technology to optimize game quality, support HDR 10 image quality specifications, 10-bit color depth and 2020 color gamut. However, this also requires the phone to support HDR function in order to have a better experience. At the same time, this technology can improve the contrast, sharpness and brightness of the game screen. MediaTek claims that the panorama can be seen even in the dark scene of the game.

Smart call resources to extend mobile phone life

The intelligent load regulation engine is responsible for managing CPU/GPU resources. It can analyze the game scene requirements, intelligently adjust the CPU/GPU frequency and game frame rate, make the game smoother and smoother, while ensuring power consumption and extending mobile phone life.

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Digging deep into the difference between LCD and OLED, you don't have to worry about this after reading this.

The quality of the mobile phone screen directly affects the user experience, and the importance of the mobile phone screen is self-evident. At present, the screens of mobile phones are mainly divided into OLEDs and LCDs. So many people may have to ask: Many flagship machines choose to use OLED as the display panel. Is OLED good? If not, when choosing a mobile phone, is it better to choose an OLED screen or an LCD screen?

The difference between the two, in a word: OLED bright colors, good response, thinner, at the same time the eye damage, life is shorter than the LCD; LCD imaging is natural but must endure smear. The advantages and disadvantages of these two are obvious and they are not perfect.

In order to make this difference, we must first understand the principles of the two screens.

LCD and OLED Which is your dish?LCD and OLED are the two mainstream screen materials at present, and almost all of the phones you see using one of these two materials. TFT, IPS, AMOLED, PMOLED and other screens are based on the enhancement technology of these two materials. Just remember this when you purchase, you can avoid being classified as "fried" by complicated screens.

In fact, most mobile phone screens now use different technologies to enhance the screen effect, but strange nouns often confuse users. So here, let's go back to the LCD and the OLED itself and go back to the phone screen.

The representative of the LCD screen is the iPhone XR, which has a bright sales in Jingdong. During the 618 period, it achieved 330,000 units and won the first place in the cumulative sales volume of 4,000 yuan or more in the price range of 6.1 to 6.18. The LCD screen is constructed by sandwiching a liquid crystal layer between two "glasses", a thin film transistor on the lower substrate, and a color filter layer on the upper substrate. The liquid crystal layer in the middle generates different light characteristics under the action of voltage. At the end of the projection, the color filter layer is used to produce different colors.

The OLED screen represents the iPhone XS and many domestic manufacturers' mobile phones. OLEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are self-illuminating and have a very thin layer of organic material that can be illuminated individually when current is passed through.

LCD screen principle analysis,

Image from China OLED Network


Screen principle analysis, pictures from China OLED network

Briefly, the light source layer and the display layer of the LCD are separated, and the OLED display layer and the light source layer are combined into one. At the same time, the light source of the LCD is fixed, and it is impossible to achieve separate illumination. If the black color is to be displayed, the liquid crystal cannot completely block the light source, and the visual perception is whiter than the OLED.

So, is OLED better than LCD? This is not the case, although the color of the OLED screen is very outstanding, it has some shortcomings in stroboscopic and pixel performance.

This problem has to start from the pixel arrangement of LCD and OLED. After all, the screen of the screen is composed of one pixel, and their different arrangement is different.

So what are the different pixel arrangements for these vendors?

Dimming and pixel arrangement directly affect the display effectThe screen displayed on the screen is composed of one pixel, and one pixel is combined by three sub-pixels (RGB) to form different colors by different brightness.

In RGB, R stands for red (Red) G stands for green (green) and B blue (blue). Any combination of these three colors can constitute all the colors we see every day.

RGB each has 256 levels of brightness (from 0 to 255), which we also call grayscale values. The gray in the phone is low-brightness white, but it looks gray on the brighter white.

  Since both the LCD screen and the OLED screen are composed of three color pixels of RGB, why are there only a few ways to arrange OLED pixels?

  This is because the OLED needs to emit light by itself, and the pixel life of different color pixels is different due to different materials, and the life of the blue pixel is the shortest. This also explains why, a few years ago, we often heard that mobile phones using OLEDs had problems such as burn-in screens and red screens.

  In order to solve this technical problem, manufacturers have adopted two technical measures: First, instead of DC dimming, PWM dimming technology is widely used in OLED screens.

  Simply put, DC dimming can rely on circuit power to achieve multiple levels of brightness. This is the same as the circular light control switch in our daily life. When you turn to the end, the brightness of the light naturally increases. When you turn back, the brightness of the lamp will become smaller and smaller.

LCD screen mobile phone is generally DC dimming

  Isn't that good? How much light is needed to adjust, why is OLED so difficult to do? This is going back to the working principle of LCD. Everyone knows that LCD has backlight and liquid crystal layer. Through the adjustment of back light source, liquid crystal rotation and polarizing plate, the overall brightness adjustment of LCD is more convenient.

  PWM dimming | Picture from

  The OLED screen sub-pixels can be self-illuminating, and the OLED screen mobile phone needs to be more power-saving under the dark UI. However, due to the difference in wavelength of the three-color sub-pixel, it has different requirements for current, for example, blue requires a higher current to pass. In this case, in order to maintain uniform color performance, it is necessary to control the luminance ratio of each sub-pixel, which is difficult to achieve in the case of low luminance.

  In this case, PWM dimming is mentioned. This method is to continuously flash the screen, and after reaching a certain frequency, the characteristics of the human eye persistence are used to make the screen look "always on". At the same time, PWM dimming brings "strobe" problems to OLED screens.

  OLED contrast LCD screen flash

  The OLED screen features are destined to not carry DC dimming well on hardware, but that doesn't mean it can't use DC dimming. If global DC dimming is used, OLED screens are prone to excellent color cast, etc., so most manufacturers use high-brightness DC dimming + low-brightness PWM dimming to neutralize.

DC dimming ensures uniform color of OLED, which is the difficulty of DC dimming. Nowadays, most of the ideas developed by mobile phone manufacturers are started from software, and algorithm compensation is applied to the color of the picture.

  Second, the area of ​​a single blue pixel is increased, thereby increasing the lifetime of the blue pixel, and at the same time, in order to make the life of different pixels tend to average, the area of ​​some pixels is also reduced.

  The common OLED pixel arrangement generally has a Pentile arrangement (referred to as P row) and a diamond arrangement. Although the styles are different, they all have only two pixels, which need to be imaged by adjacent pixels.
  Pixel arrangement time, intensive phobia:

The left is the Pentile arrangement (picture from Wikipedia). The right is arranged in diamonds.

Left is Delta and right is BOE screen arrangement

  These arrangements have different pixel arrangement styles, but most of the schemes focus on red and blue pixels that have long illumination times but have a relatively short lifetime.

  In the processing of green pixels, various manufacturers have different solutions. Some manufacturers increase the brightness of the screen by amplifying green pixels. Some manufacturers increase the density of pixels by splitting the green pixels. The screen is more delicate.

  From the effect of the current use, Samsung's Super AMOLED is still the best of the display effect, which has a considerable relationship with the uniform diamond arrangement. This arrangement is similar to the traditional RGB pixel arrangement. Sharper display. However, this method of using adjacent pixels also brings color edge aliasing to the font.

  Diamond pixel arrangement and Delta arrangement

  LCD screen with RGB arrangement

  This situation is especially common at the edge of the font, because this arrangement always requires imaging by neighboring pixels, so it re-lights the sub-pixels that should have been extinguished at the edges.

  This keeps the image, but you can't see the pure edge details, but instead there are colored edges and jagged edges. Compared with the arrangement of RGB, such an imaging effect is undoubtedly much rougher.

  RGB arrangement

  The RGB array of three sub-pixels can be fully displayed, and the screen display effect is naturally clear and very delicate.

  In general, although LCD and OLED are technically complicated due to different manufacturers, the fundamental attributes have not changed:

  LCD: RGB pixel arrangement ensures that the sub-pixels are fully displayed and the image is natural.

  OLED: Two kinds of pixels need to be imaged by using adjacent pixels, and there are colored edges on the imaged image.

  I believe that many users have been confused here. I didn't expect so many doorways between the OLED screen and the LCD screen. As an ordinary consumer, we don't have professional equipment, and there is no Superman's "write round eye" to observe. Therefore, we still have to return to the experience, after all, only know what kind of screen is best for you.

written at the end
  From the perspective of the OLED screen, you can get more vivid color effects, thinner screen effects, and faster speeds.

  But you also have to endure the problem of "burning the screen" . This is because the OLED sub-pixels can self-illuminate, but you can't guarantee that each sub-pixel can maintain the same lighting effect, so the uneven illumination causes the sub-pixels to have different lifetimes.
OLED "burning screen"

  Take the screen display as an example. You can see that the pattern of the phone is constantly changing. This is to avoid working too long for a single sub-pixel.

  You have to endure the "screen flash" phenomenon because OLEDs often use PWM dimming to dim the way of switching the screen light quickly, although the human eye is not aware of it, in slow motion, its screen is fixed. The frequency is flickering, which is especially harmful.

  In the case of this screen flash, the user's eyes will be more irritated, and the OLED screen has high contrast. For the "Late Night Party" that now likes crazy liver, the impact of the OLED screen on vision is very big.

iPhone XR with LCD screen has no "burning screen" worry

  From the perspective of the LCD, you can avoid the phenomenon of screen flashing and get a more natural and clear picture.

  But you also have to endure the common smear phenomenon, because the liquid crystal layer is slower than the self-illuminating light source when flipping, so it will require a certain dwell time when changing the sub-pixel color, so smear will occur. The phenomenon, in contrast to OLED, there is no such situation.

  To sum up LCD and OLED, you can easily find that both have their own advantages and disadvantages, not perfect. Nowadays, many consumers are taking OLED screens to measure the quality of mobile phones. This is not only a misunderstanding of technology but also a misunderstanding of product positioning.

  As the two major tributaries of screen development, OLED screens are widely used. Screen fingerprints, under-the-screen cameras, and folding mobile phones all have their presence, but LCDs have not been able to bloom, and have their own unique positioning.

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Microsoft Surface Note latest concept map can be folded 360 degrees

Microsoft has also recently exposed news of folding devices, although there is news that Microsoft has demonstrated folding equipment for internal employees. Market research firm IHS Markit has said that Microsoft plans to launch a small collapsible Surface device in the first half of next year. And pointed out that the collapsible Surface device has two 9.0-inch screens with an aspect ratio of 4:3.

Many designers such as Ryan Smalley have brought us a lot of excellent Surface concepts. After the first concept map was released in 2017, Smalley has recently brought back the concept of Surface Note.

In the concept product he designed, the Surface Note can realize a 360-degree flexible folding. Folding outwards can fold the double screen in half, and inward folding can protect the screen. In addition, in his design, he also cleverly placed the Surface Pen on the hinge part, and can cooperate with the wireless handle of Microsoft's latest patent, allowing the device to access Project xCloud and games. And the screen uses a boring screen.

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Is Artificial Intelligence free from gender bias?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. So fast has it been that in the world over the last two years many organizations have had to make a thorough review of their strategy. An EY study in 2017 indicated that 74% of CEOs did not have process automation in a short-term horizon ... The 2018 results show that 73% have already, or are in the process of introducing, Artificial Intelligence into their organizations .

In fact, it is likely that in 5 years we can have cars that do not need drivers, refrigerators that can make the orders are missing, classes given by robots ... But according to the World Economic Forum, in 2018 there were still 108 years so that we can have equality between men and women in health, education, economically and politically! The scenario is even worse if we look specifically at economic parity: 202 years for gender parity in the labor market.

How is it possible that the world is evolving exponentially at so many levels, particularly at the technological level, but that it continues to move backwards on gender issues? One must ensure that Artificial Intelligence does not replicate this scenario for the future. But how?

According to UNESCO studies, less than a third of the world's technical workforce is female. In the field of Artificial Intelligence, only 22% of the workers are women.

Artificial Intelligence is fueled by gigantic volumes of data - they are the foundation of your initial ability.

If the available image databases associate women with housework and men with sports, studies so far (EY) have shown that image recognition software not only replicates this data but amplifies it.

Artificial Intelligence, which can be an ally of the promotion of diversity in companies, through selection processes based only on the desired skills and experiences, can, on the other hand, be a contrary force if we introduce discriminating factors in the initial choice algorithm.

If the data we entered is skewed, how can that AI not be?

Unlike humans, algorithms can not consciously counteract the biases that are inflicted on them. Thus, conscious influence has to come from us to ensure that technology is a driving force in a world that moves towards gender parity.

More women in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) will be a first step. Currently, only 20% of STEM students worldwide are women.

Artificial Intelligence

It is necessary to entice women, from girls, to these areas. It is necessary to find effective ways of attracting and retaining female talent in these areas, the technological and digital skills of women workers need to be developed, women must be guaranteed access to leadership positions!

Diversity and inclusion must be promoted in the technological, digital, innovation, management, transformation ... teams.

It requires multidisciplinary and inclusive teams in all stages of the development of Artificial Intelligence. They should evaluate the validity and reliability of the data, test the algorithms, verify the evolution of the results, so that AI is an ally of gender parity.

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Best Nintendo Games for Android

Nintendo is gaining a lot of space on mobile devices with several games announced for the year 2019 such as the new game Mario Kart , Dr.Mario and even a new Pokémon game called Pokémon Master.

With this is getting closer and closer to seeing titles like Legend of Zelda, Kirby, F-Zero among others in Android but while not that day we do everything in technology we list the Top 5 best games of Nintendo for Android
The notes we use to define the top 5 are based on the same ones that are contained in the playstore and on the number of polls that demonstrate their popularity.

5. Dragalia Lost

Game description: The game was developed by Nintendo's union with Cygames being an action RPG.

About the game: Dragalia Lost has several merits, among them being the first original intellectual property of Nintendo designed for mobile devices having a rather fluid gameplay with character desings in the SD style is a good choice to pass the time, the bad part is that the game is not available in Portuguese, however it is not very difficult to understand the mechanics of the game.

Official Game Site: Click on the icon link below

Dragalia Lost

Link to Download: The game can be purchased for free in the Playstore, to be redirected click here , if you can not download the game you can also purchase it by APK Pure, clicking here

Note: The game has a very positive note being 4.2 of 5 stars with 70,485 votes, it has the potential to be further ahead in the list, however it is quite unknown to the great public, since its title was created exclusively for the devices Mobile.
4. Magikarp Jump

Game description: Developed by Select Button the game is based on the Pokémon universe where we train a Magikarp for a jumping competition, and as the official website says "Magikarp is perfect for this game because it is pathetically weak, unreliable and generally useless ".

About the game: The game plays with the big joke of Pokémon Magikarp that has only the ability to jump on the ground being considered one of the most useless monsters (until evolving to Gyarados) the game is quite fun and very easy to learn with graphics simple yet beautiful.

Official Game Site: Click on the icon link below

Magikarp Jump

Download Link: The game can be purchased for free in the Playstore, to be redirected by clicking here , if you can not download the game you can also purchase it by APK Pure clicking here .

Note: The game has a very positive rating being 4.7 out of 5 stars with 431,639, which is an impressive score for a game focused on one of the most "meme" Pokémon in the franchise.
3. Fire Emblem Heroes

Game Description: Developed by Intelligent Systems the game is a tactical RPG made in 2D, being a spin-off of the franchise of Fire Emblem games.

Opinion About the game: The game Fire Emblem Heroes is quite dynamic to play, your graphics resemble the classic Game Boy and Super Nintendo, featuring several characters with mechanical and unique moves that make the gamebe a recipe for lovers of this style.

Official Game Site: Click on the icon link below

Fire Emblem Heroes

Download Link: The game can be purchased for free in the Playstore, to be redirected by clicking here , if you can not download the game you can also buy it by APK Pure clicking here .

Note: The game has an incredible rating of 4.6 of 5 stars with 473,435, it has already debuted on the platform with the right foot generating more than $ 13 million in five days, having a more lucrative debut even though our 2nd place list, also having several prizes like: game of the year for the mobile devices in 2018 taking in the DICE Awards as in the SXSW Gaming Awards.
2. Super Mario Run

Game Description: Developed by Nintendo Co, the game is a side-scrolling that brings the world's most famous mustache and Nintendo's flagship icon for mobile devices.

Opinion About the game: Super Mario Run is quite fluid and has quite simple mechanics besides being fairly easy, however it is necessary to have internet to play it, the same is quite criticized for not making it clear that it is a version only to test in Playstore in order to sell a full version within the application itself, it still fulfills its primary purpose of entertainment.

Official Game Site: Click on the icon link below

Super Mario Run

Download Link: The game can be purchased for free at Playstore, but to play other available stages it is necessary to buy the full version sold inside the game itself, to be redirected by clicking here .

Note: The game even though it was heavily criticized because of the high value charged by the phases of its game, not being such a positive note being 3.8 of 5 stars with 1,340,644 votes, judging only why it should be in one place further down the list, but as stated before, it serves its purpose well with challenges that keep you playing even after you have completed all the stages, plus your fluid gameplay, getting $ 8.3 million in the first five days of your debut in 2017.
1. Pokémon Go

Game description: Developed by Niantic Lab, the game that brings an augmented reality was one of the biggest fevers of 2016 being played all over the world in Brazil, it was not difficult to see someone with a cell phone on the street playing the game, and even after 3 years of its debut the game still has several players and is among the most popular games of Playstore.

About the game: After several upgrades and new mechanics the game stays current until today, using the GPS to find the Pokémon and have an augmented reality is still something fun to do in the open hours, however as several people they look for convenience when they play online (which is not a problem because the hackers have already cheated the GPS system in time) no longer have that popularity that had in 2016, but still the game made several fans who still love the game, not being which Pokémon is one of the most profitable franchises in the world.

Official Game Site: Click on the icon link below

Pokémon Go

Link para Download: O jogo pode ser adquirido gratuitamente na Playstore, para ser redirecionado clicando aqui.

Note: The game is quite popular with 11,926,717 votes in the Play Store being 4.1 out of 5 stars, being in 1st place not only for having a legion of fans but for being one of the most popular games on Playstore.
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New Ryzen 3000 is not designed for overclocking

New Ryzen 3000 is not designed for overclocking

Media representatives and reviewers of computer "hardware" long before the official release of the Ryzen 3000 processors said that the new product works at the limit of its capabilities. AMD representatives sent out processors for the test in advance, so that rumors that the new Ryzen didn’t accelerate, appeared literally on the day of the start of sales. AMD employees decided not to produce negative rumors and made an official statement that the Ryzen 3000 is really not suitable for "manual" overclocking because right out of the box they automatically accelerate to their limit - special algorithms automatically raise the frequencies to maximum values. Probably, the user will be able to slightly raise the frequency, but this is not urgently needed.

“Our engineers had the task to increase to their limit the performance of processors right out of the box. Especially for this we use our proprietary algorithms that provide high performance chips. At the same time, the system does not require overclocking manipulations from the user, and there is no need to risk a guarantee - overclocking works in automatic mode. So you shouldn’t wait for a large potential for overclocking in manual mode, it’s not there, ”said Robert Hallock, senior manager of technical marketing.
This means that after installing the processor in the system, you will see the final clock frequencies - somehow it will be extremely difficult to overclock the Ryzen 3000 processors. It is worth noting that this solution greatly simplifies the lives of AMD employees - the user is provided with completely safe and controlled overclocking algorithms, and the manufacturer receives a simplified model of working with warranty cases. In addition, users who have never even heard about overclocking, now, in fact, will deal with them in the background.

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