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Cheapest laser radars

Cheapest laser radars

If the arrival of the 5G shows the way to standalone cars, there are still many obstacles to the new technology. One of them is the high price of environment detection systems - and among them, some of the most important are LiDar devices.

For those unfamiliar with the world of standalone cars, LiDar is the acronym for Laser Pulse-Based Radar. In Portuguese, something like Radar the base of Laser Pulses. Nowadays, Lidar systems can cost up to $ 75,000 - which would, of course, make any car that would need to add that price to the final label.

The good news came from a manufacturer that is leaving the others with their hair standing. Luminar has warned it will start selling its LiDar systems for less than $ 1,000 a unit. That is a value that becomes accessible to the manufacturers, who can make plans to incorporate the systems in autonomous cars, without making the price unfeasible.

To get an idea of ​​the size of the price reduction, Waymo - a Google-owned company - had the best offer so far - its LiDar systems hit the market for $ 7,500. After the announcement of Luminar charging less than a thousand dollars for yours, the rest of the industry will have to redo the accounts ...

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