Samsung Galaxy S10 series gets new beta with dozens of fixes

Samsung released a beta update for the Galaxy S10 a few days ago to fix errors related to Bluetooth sharing, volume control bar and status bar. Today, the company has released a new beta for the S10 series with over a dozen bug fixes.

The new firmware fixes issues related to device reset, AlwaysOOn, file movement, Wi-Fi suspend, and Bluetooth headset noise. You can check the screenshot below to see the full list of bug fixes.

This update weighs between 130 MB and 200 MB in size and is currently arriving for unlocked drives in the US and South Korea, with version number G97 * U1UEU2ZSKL and G97 * NKSU3ZSKL, respectively.

If they are subscribed to the beta program, they can download this build from Settings Software update on your device.

Huawei MatePad Pro retail box, screensaver, specs and renders unveiled the day before launch

The Huawei MatePad Pro will be released tomorrow, but information leaks are still in full swing. The latest batch of information leaks includes a picture of the tablet's sales box, screen saver, renders, and specs.

MatePad Pro will ship in a white box with the device name written in gold letters in the center. The lower right corner of the case confirms that the tablet is powered by the Kirin 990 processor. It also shows that the device has enhanced audio by Harman Kardon.

Accessory maker Benks reveals a good perspective on the tablet with promotional photos of the screen saver.Another image shows the tablet model and lists some of the specifications. We now know that the MatePad Pro will come with a 10.8-inch screen, Kirin 990 processor, quadruple speakers, a pen called M-Pencil, and reverse wireless charging support.

To clarify, there will be a Kirin 990 and 7250mAh Battery in MatePad Pro. However, Huawei M-Pencil packs 20ms low latency, 6 inbuilt gestures, and recharges in an hour after 10 hours usage. It is 160mm thin and weighs 14g. #huaweinova5t #HuaweiFreeBuds3 #Huawei #MatePadPro

— Simranpal Singh (@simransingh931) November 24, 2019

The information says the M-Pencil weighs 14 grams, has 6 functions included, low latency of 20ms, lasts 10 hours on a single charge and recharges in 1 hour. The tablet itself has a 7250mAh battery, slightly smaller than that of the MediaPad M6 10.8.

In addition to the above, we also have Real Photos that were taken from an initial review originally on the Web, but were taken due to NDA violation. The images show MatePad Pro with a keyboard box connected and the M-Pencil in use.

The MatePad Pro will come in four color variants - gray / black, white, orange and green vegan leather. The last two color variants will use the same vegan leather material used for the Mate 30 Pro 5G. Below are the renders of the Vegan Leather Forest Green variant.

MatePad pro green #HuaweiMatePad

— Teme (@RODENT950) November 22, 2019

The MatePad Pro will be released tomorrow alongside two new computers MateBook and a new smart speaker called Sound X .


Microsoft can now sell software to Huawei! When will Google?

Microsoft may re-sell Software to Huawei - The past few months have not been easy for Huawei because of all the US bans on the company. However, it seems that President Trump's executive order is getting lighter by the day…
Microsoft is licensed to resell the software to Huawei!

Therefore, all of this was confirmed on November 20 by a Microsoft spokesman, stating that "The United States Department of Commerce has granted Microsoft licensing to export software to Huawei."

Microsoft is part of the US companies that have been licensed again to deliver products to Huawei!

As such, Microsoft may again sell Windows and Office to Huawei. This will help the company not only on their Windows notebooks but also on their servers.

Honor V30 and V30 Pro: leak reveals stunning final specs!

That said, be aware that recently Huawei has even been forced to postpone the launch of its new laptop which of course is going to be based on the Windows OS. A product that should have been presented at CES Asia (Early 2019).

In fact, Microsoft itself has even momentarily stopped selling the Huawei MateBook X Pro laptop because of everything that happened.

Despite the Huawei ban, Microsoft has always kept silent!

In short, it seems that all bans are finally being lifted. However, I am curious to find out the extent of the negative impact to Huawei thanks to all that has happened.

And of course, to know if Google will have the same treatment as Microsoft.
Huawei Nova 6 5G: Video Reveals Design for P30 Pro Fans!

Besides, what do you think about this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.

Leak reveals that Huawei Nova 6 SE is inspired by the iPhone 11 Pro

Huawei will announce the Nova 6 5G on December 5th. Interestingly it is the same day that HMD Global will introduce the new Nokia smartphone to the world. However, the Nova 6 may not be the only Huawei smartphone to launch this day. It is to be joined by another smartphone called Nova 6 SE, whose photos and main specifications have just arrived on the Internet.
Leak reveals that Huawei Nova 6 SE is inspired by the iPhone 11 Pro

The leak comes to us from Huawei Club (@ ClubHuawei ) and Teme ( @ RODENT950 ) on Twitter. Both accounts are known for Huawei and Honor-related leaks.

At the outset the Nova 6 SE is Huawei's second device with the suffix SE in its name. The first is the Huawei Mate SE 2018, which is actually a renamed Honor 7X. However, Huawei is not the first manufacturer to use this suffix. Apple did exactly the same in 2016 when it launched the popular iPhone SE.

The Nova 6 SE will not only fetch part of your name from an Apple device. The rear design is practically an iPhone 11 Pro with an extra camera.

The picture that came to the Internet shows that the Nova 6 SE has a rear camera design similar to Apple's latest smartphone, but with four cameras instead of three. Huawei also placed the LED flash below camera space and not along with it.
At the front, this device has a screen with the hole positioned in the upper left corner.

It's probably an LCD panel, as the image reveals that the Nova 6 SE has a side-mounted fingerprint reader that acts as an on / off switch.

The Nova 6 SE in the image has a pink gradient finish on the back, a gold frame and black lines around the screen.

However, a second image has revealed some important specifications of this smartphone.

The Nova 6 SE will be powered by the Kirin 810 processor, which means it is a mid-range device. However, it will have a high end feature. We are talking specifically about 40W SuperCharge fast wire charging. This is the same fast charging technology that is present in the Mate 30 range.

The remaining specifications are unknown at this time. However, there is no doubt that this is a very interesting equipment. Now we have to know if it will also have 5G as the other model.

OnePlus Security Breach Exposes User Data

OnePlus, a Chinese company known for the most affordable high-end smartphones (the famous flagship killers), today revealed that its system has been breached, resulting in revealed customer information. Names, contact numbers, emails and addresses were exposed and stopped in the possession of third parties not related to the company.

According to the brand, only a small number of customers were affected, and in addition, it was reported that bank details, payment information, passwords and credit card data were not exposed. Remember that there was a much worse failure last year, where even card data was released.

OnePlus discovered this while its security team was doing monitoring work. Immediately, your employees worked to strengthen security and stop the attack, as well as enhancing security to eliminate other vulnerabilities.

All impacted users have been notified by email. So if you own a device, or have ordered a mobile phone from OnePlus and received an email from OnePlus, that means you have been affected. If not, then it is safe. Either way, neither case requires you to do anything. The company is working with the authorities to find out those responsible for the attack.

This security breach implies stealing customers' personal data for companies to spam / email spam to their email address. Again, according to the company, even if you were affected, no bank details were stolen. OnePlus's security team has apologized on its online forum, and says it is working to prevent something like this from happening in the future.

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